Vilnius Specials

In your travelguide you will find the places you should visit in Vilnius and the restaurants you should go to for the best food. On this page we will tell you about a few Vilnius specials that are not described in your guide.

There is a big Polish community in and around Vilnius. Here the Polish culture is very much alive. If you have the chance to visit a performance of the Polish folk dancing group Zgoda, you will get a taste of this culture, it is an unforgettable experience!

Uzupis is a cozy bohemian neighborhood near the old town. Most artists and musicians of Vilnius live in this area. In 1998 they declared themselves 'officially' The Republic of Uzupis. On Aprils Fools Day they celebrate this. Who can give a better photo impression of this day than Hannele Majaniemi from Finland!

Vilnius not only has a very charming Old Town, it has a lot more to offer! If you want to feel like a moviestar on your Vilnius visit, this site is something you definately should not miss: Rent a Limo!

If you need quality photos in Vilnius, Fotodart definately is your best choice. Fotodart made a photoshoot in our apartment for one of our guests. We are proud to show a few photos here.

In Lithuania handcraft is still very popular. Famous are the amber jewellery and woodcraft. Less known but also very beautiful are the handmade dolls from amigurumi. They are made in Rudamina, a town close to Vilnius.